As the year winds down and our thoughts turn to roasted goose and egg nog what 2012 will hold for information management, it’s time to look back to see what captured reader’s interest in 2011.

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of CMSWire that we’ve all got SharePoint on the brain. Love it or hate it, it is still the focal point of 4 of our top ten features for 2011 and it shows no signs of going away with the new year. What else were readers concerned with this year?

With no further ado, the top ten feature articles of CMSWire in 2011:

#10. “SharePoint and the iPad: A Tale of Two Platforms

Gabriel Lopez

It was the best of tablets, it was the worst of...SharePoint?

With this piece, Gabriel Lopez shared his expertise in all things mobile and SharePoint to examine potential solutions for interoperability between iPads, whose presence in the enterprise grows stronger daily, and SharePoint, whose out of the box solutions for mobile solutions left something to be desired.

#9. “10 of the Best Social Business Communities & Why They are Important

Mark Fidelman

It appears that people were looking to get social this year, to increase productivity, engage employees and access untapped knowledge. Mark Fidelman explored ten social business communities that he identified as most effective at increasing engagement while often cutting costs. We all say Hello to that.

#8. “50 Ways to a Better Intranet

Andrew Wright

Everyone loves a great how-to piece and CMSWire readers are no exception. Demonstrating clear task/result correlations, Andrew Wright provided a step-by-step guide for increasing the intranet’s value for the enterprise.

#7. “Web Development Methodologies: Agile vs. Waterfall

Rutul Dave

Flexibility, resiliency, agility: these words are often used to describe the enterprise of tomorrow. Rutul Dave used his years of experience in software development to consider two approaches for web development and explained the benefits and drawbacks of using an agile methodology throughout multiple projects.

#6. “The Importance of Metadata in Content Management

Troy Allen

Big Data. There, I said it. Statistics are thrown out on a regular basis about the increasing amount of content that is created daily (thus adding to the content, but that’s another story). Content without access points is worthless, and with this piece, Troy Allen gave a thorough overview of metadata standards, the Dublin Core standard and points to be considered when choosing the right standard to keep assets findable.

#5. “Enterprise Collaboration Requires Critical New Skills

Deb Lavoy

While many of our top articles looked at the technology that drives the enterprise, Deb Lavoy’s piece examined the real value creator in a workplace: the people. The skills and capabilities that this article outlines could benefit everyone to realize the potential in collaboration.

#4. “SharePoint is Crack and Microsoft is the Pusher

Stephen Fishman

Apparently talking smack (literally and figuratively) gets people’s interest. Stephen Fishman’s provocatively titled article opened up a whole can of SharePoint love and hate as could be seen in the comments, follow up articles and tweets it provoked.

#3. “SharePoint: Is it Worth Using as a Collaboration Tool

Joe Shepley

Joe Shepley stepped away from the fray for this piece, which ignored the theoretical arguments about SharePoint 2010 as an enterprise collaboration platform, instead asking the question “Is it right for your specific organization?” This article might help you make that choice.

#2. “The Art of SharePoint Success: 10 Reasons Why SharePoint Projects Fail

Symon Garfield

This was the second in the popular series by Symon Garfield, all aimed at creating measurable returns through effective use of SharePoint. Apparently the failure of projects struck a nerve with our readership, as it was the most read article in the series.


And a drumroll please, for the most widely read article of 2011....


#1. “The Mobile Application: Browser vs. Native

Douglas Heise

You were expecting another SharePoint piece, weren’t you? But no, Douglas Heise’s thoughtful piece explored the advantages and disadvantages of browser and native apps, a debate that continued throughout the rest of the year and is sure to continue into 2012 as the mobile workforce grows and enterprises scramble to keep up with connectivity issues.

Thanks for reading in 2011 and thank you to all of our contributors for making it such an informative and interesting year. Happy holidays everyone!