Adobe Adds PayPal Checkout to FormsCentral

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Adobe has beentinkering around under the hood of FormsCentral since It first released it just over a year ago, adding Twitter integration, skip logic and file attachments among other features. This time, it has added PayPal Express Checkout that pushes it a long way down the road to being a perfect e-commerce tools for SMBs or enterprise departments.

On its own, the PayPal addition is only another added function, but along with other features and functions added over the past year, it moves from being a way of gathering useful information from users and customers to being a way of gathering money and engage in business.

FormsCentral e-Commerce

On the FormsCentral blog, Randy Swineford, Adobe FormsCentral Product Manager offers an insight into Adobe’s thinking in developing FormsCentral.

He says that, while staying true to the original goal of providing a way for companies to create and collect information, with this it will be able to add a payment field to forms enabling payments through PayPal and major credit cards.

Swienford then lists all the people who can use it, such as non-profit organizations, clubs and associations, or micro-businesses. While it all may be noble, the bottom line here is the bottom line and people’s ability to charge other people for services or products. In short, it’s a business tool.

Learning Opportunities

And like the rest of FormsCentral, it doesn’t require a huge amount of technical knowledge to get it to work. You don’t have to know HTML, Adobe says, or even hire a web designer to create an online store, or, more important, process payments.

The other joy that PayPal and Adobe is offering here is the ability to store all the information you have in the same, secure place.

PayPal and FormsCentral

To get up and running, just upgrade or subscribe to a paid account of FormsCentral and use your PayPal Premier or Business Account.

The Basic FormsCentral service cost US$ 14.99 per month and allows for a maximum of five active forms and no more than 500 responses per form. The Plus service allows for unlimited active forms and up to 5,000 responses per form for US$ 16.58 per month. Plus is billed annually so you have to pay US$ 199 up front.

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