When you hear "adaptive case management," what comes to mind? Business process management, document capture, content management? How about the Wizard of Oz? The invention of ice cream cones? The Rolling Stones?

Deb Miller brings all of these references to play in her articles, which ground abstract concepts in commonly understood terms. Her article Customer Experience Management: Art vs. Science captured the balance businesses struggle to find between the technology and the human elements that make up a great customer experience.

Who are you -- in a 140-character tweet? @DebsG360Information drives my world. #BPM-aholic and #CaseManagement raving fan. Proud "parent" ofgoofy Golden Retrievers. 

What attracted you to your field -- and what still excites you about it? My obsession with business process improvement began at GE. Fresh from university and ready to make a difference, I was very sure that the right balance of people and technology could change the world. Many years later -- now with OpenText -- I retain that hopeful outlook.

Learning Opportunities

What’s your proudest accomplishment of 2013? I was fortunate to have the opportunity to build an awesome team of global vertical industry strategists for OpenText.

What’s your goal, personal or professional, for 2014? Win Dancing with the Stars.

What's an important story you will be tracking in 2014? The story of the CIO and the C-suite.I’ll be watching how CIOs in different industries chose to partner with other members of the C-suite to improve customer experience and drive business transformation.I am also fascinated by the possibilities ofthe Internet of Things and how it will shake "things" up for CIOs and their C-suite partners.

What’s the one New Year resolution you always make -- and always break? Each year on New Year’s eve I resolved to quit smoking and each year I failed. Then one year I actually did it.I have been coasting on that resolution ever since, smoke free!