CMSWire community contributors work in the trenches of information management, enterprise collaboration and web engagement. In this weekly aggregation we highlight a few of the most impactful community articles.

Article 1: Do You Need a Tag Management System?

"Websites are only going to get more complicated over time, not less," writes Eric T. Peterson (@erictpeterson), founder of Web Analytics Demystified, in this article. "If you already struggle with managing tag-based technologies including web analytics I would strongly encourage you to give emerging tag management systems a look."

Tag management systems do exactly what the names implies: allow technology resources to control the deployment and use of tags in much the same way content management systems allow control over content.


Article 2: Enterprise Collaboration Requires Critical New Skills

As Enterprise Collaboration develops, so does the level of required aptitude. In this article, Deb Lavoy (@deb_lavoy), Director of Product Marketing for Social Media at Open Text, discusses the newest key values and skills. Here's a sneak peek: 

  • Curiosity with humility
  • Listen to learn, contribute to improve
  • Focus on goals and opportunities, encourage commitment. Management by fear will always lose out against this approach


Article 3: Six Critical Ingredients for a Great Website

Toby Ward (@tobyward), CEO and Founder of Prescient Digital Media, says, "If your website is not a mission-critical tool for your business then you’ve missed the boat." 

In this article he discusses 6 quick tips that might help you catch a late ride:

  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Ease of Use 
  • Detail
  • SEO Content
  • Multiple Feedback Channels 


Article 4: The Mobile Application: Browser vs. Native

Douglas Heise (@coremedia_news), Product Marketing Director at CoreMedia, asks: Which is better: develop mobile-specific applications or mobile web applications?

In this article he covers the benefits to both the native approach -- an application available for download for free or at a cost via an online app store -- and leveraging the browser on mobile devices in order to deliver customized experiences. 


Article 5: Can Social Media be the Next Big Lever for Business Intelligence?

The phenomenal rise of social media has everyone scrambling to figure out what it can do for business. In this article, Karan Chadha (@infosys), of Infosys, answers that question via a few basic preliminaries: 

  • How can organizations leverage social media data?
  • How is social media data transformed into business insights?
  • What are the key functionalities offered by social media intelligence tools?