CoreMedia Releases Elastic Social for Increased Customer Engagement

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CoreMedia has just announced that it is going social.By that, it means that CoreMedia has just released a new product that will provide advanced social features for its web content management system.

Speaking to CMSWire before the release, Doug Heise, product marketing director at CoreMedia, said that the idea was not to step away from their core business, but rather to give their current clients a product that will enable them to engage with their audiences in scalable conversations around their Web content.

The scalable and elastic nature of the product probably explains the name -- CoreMedia Elastic Social -- which, the company says incorporates a new architecture based on NoSQL and cloud technology for high website performance and virtually unlimited horizontal scaling to meet the challenges of traffic spikes.

Elastic Social Architecture

Before looking at what Social Elastic does, let’s take a close look at the architecture, which CoreMedia is pushing as one of its most important features.

The bottom line is that relational database systems were never really designed to deal with the problems that social media usage can product.

To address those challenges, the best solution is to deploy a dynamically scalable social repository based on NoSQL storage and an elastic architecture that is suitable for both on-premises and cloud-based scaling.

CoreMedia Elastic uses NoSQL database technology and elastic scalability to support contributions that can range from a small number of users to millions of users while maintaining optimal performance using MongoDB.

NoSQL systems are “flat” rather than “normalized.” This means that they make no effort to build structured relationships between their records.

In addition, NoSQL systems are not designed to respond to any arbitrary query. They are designed to answer a predefined set of queries using a network of parallel servers, to pre-calculate the results.

Learning Opportunities

That way, when a user visits a website and the system needs to display the latest social statistics, the answer is available within milliseconds, no matter how much social content is stored in the system.

As a result, enterprises can seamlessly scale to support surging numbers of user conversations and contributions occurring in parallel on their websites -- without necessitating excessively expensive infrastructure investments.

Elastic Social Functionality

All very technical and even exciting for the idea department, but ultimately for the business user it offers a number of practical advantages.These include:

  • Integration: Seamlessly integrated into CoreMedia Studio, the CMS’s Web-based editorial interface for business users. This enables business users to easily create social communities and manage user engagement from a familiar interface.
  • Pre-configured: It is pre-configured out of the box for speed and simplicity so that even less able developers can add media functionality to CoreMedia Web CMS properties.
  • Loyalty: By creating a space for communities to interact and grow on their Web properties, enterprises can build brand loyalty, convert customers into advocates, elicit user feedback and address customer concerns quickly.

Ultimately though, Elastic Social is a comprehensive suite of standard social media elements for immediate deployment, including ratings, likes, user commenting, threaded discussions, user profiles and comment moderation.

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CoreMedia Social Moderation

It also provides dynamic rules and widgets for aggregation and publishing user-rated content based on category and timeframe.

Elastic Social is available as of today for use with CoreMedia’s enterprise-grade WCM platform, CoreMedia 6, and can be accessed via CoreMedia Studio. It is also incorporated into Website Blueprint, CoreMedia’s website development platform for advanced media properties.