Customer and workforce analytics software provider Enkata has enhanced their cloud-based product suite with better support for big data. The company has incorporated NoSQL superstar Hadoop and other big data technologies into their platform to deal with the rapidly expanding volumes of structured and unstructured data inside most organizations.

Answering Big Questions with Big Data

Enkata offers a suite of solutions targeted at customer-centric organizations:

  • Customer Experience Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Quality Management
  • Continuous Process Improvements
  • Claims Management

Companies like Sprint, Aetna, Chase and Citibank use Enkata to help improve and streamline their customer service operations. Enkata’s tools enable organizations to take a more quantitative approach to optimizing their business processes and controlling costs using data from all over the enterprise. The company has updated their core platform with big data capabilities, which impacts all products in the Enkata software-as-a-service platform. According to Enkata, the enhancements released today are just the first in a series of updates the company will be making to better support big data

Latching onto the “save everything” movement is likely a good move for the analytics software provider. David Menninger, Vice President and Research Director at Ventana Research said,

Our recent research shows that customer and transaction data are the most common types of big data analyzed by organizations. In addition, within 12 months two thirds [of respondents] plan to use the cloud for some of their big data processing.”

Enkata is hoping some of those organizations will select its platform to handle the job. Enkata’s latest enhancements allow customers to:

  • Capture and store petabytes of data from customer, partner and employee interactions.
  • Handle large increases in structured and unstructured data from across the enterprise such as email, chat, phone, call statistics, social media and retail channels.
  • Improve response times for information access and analysis.

Since the solution is cloud-based, customers can quickly begin taking advantage of the platform with the complexity of establishing and managing the infrastructure required to effectively support massive data volumes.

What’s Next for Enkata

Back in October the company announced that it had received US$ 4.4 million dollars in additional funding to improve its tool. Today’s announcement is the first peek into how the company is using the money. The company also plans on adding up to 40 employees in the next year and expanding operations to the UK.