eZ odoscope base functionality is now integrated into the eZ Publish Enterprise Edition CMS, giving customers an overview of site visitor usage and behavior.

eZ Systems AS, an open-source web content management platform provider out of Norway, rolled out version 4.5 back in March, along with a partner portal. With the new eZ odoscope analytics tool, enterprise customers will have access to traffic behavior across company websites.

October has been a busy month for eZ Systems. Last week, the company announced the eZ Content Cockpit, an editing extension from the eZ Market.

eZ Publish

Founded in 1999, eZ Systems offers a free version of its eZ Publish CMS as well as an officially supported, subscription-based enterprise edition. eZ Publish Enterprise includes unlimited product support, bug fixing, an eZ Network Patching Tool, monitoring service and access to the eZ Publish Enterprise Service Portal. Four pricing tiers with different levels of support are available: Silver, Gold, Platinum and a Custom option.

eZ Odoscope

The customizable analytics dashboard shows click streams and a "filterable heat map" of site visitor behavior. OdosMap features shows visitor streams and pathways, indicators with page viewing intensity and returning users, static grouping of pages and dynamic grouping of pages. The idea is that marketers can use the knowledge to tailored site content and improve the "stickiness" of site pages. "Using the traffic light system and the key measures of your choice, you can identify at a glance which newsletter articles, ads, product offers and so on work -- and which ones don’t," the Odoscope site says.

eZ odoscope provides detailed site analytics

eZ odoscope provides detailed site analytics

The tool also helps users build statistical reports of site traffic, for example, to show advertisers performance metrics. Graphic reports, PowerPoint reports and export functionality are all options. Other analytics features include SEO efficiency monitoring, creation of key measures and campaign efficiency monitoring. Other analytics include your basic geolocation, entry and exit pages, page impressions, error displays, operating systems and so on.

eZ Odoscope requires eZ Publish 4.5 or higher.