The hype is over. No more multi-colored streaming lights. No more feel-good instrumental music each time a new speaker is introduced. And no more Orlando, Fla. A lot of us are back to (20-degree) reality — away from the 2013 OpenText World Enterprise Information Management Conference.

For OpenText, reality means unleashing its new enterprise information management (EIM) software suite, Project Red Oxygen, now through March and hoping it lives up to its conference billing and hype.

'Critical Initiative'

At least one industry analyst thinks it will. asked Kenneth Chin, research vice president of content, collaboration and social for Gartner, if he thought Project Red Oxygen was a good move for OpenText. Is the five-suites-in-one EIM software the right approach for the industry?

"Yes," Chin told us. "We think that Project Red Oxygen is a critical and important initiative in rationalizing and packaging all their products, and acquisitions."

information management, Gartner: OpenText Enterprise Information Management Suite on Right Track #OTEW2013

It was almost a necessary move for the Waterloo, Ontario-based software employer of 5.000-plus worldwide. It helps strategically define a path for customers, who otherwise may have questioned in which EIM direction they need to go.

"OpenText really needed to do this," Chin said, "otherwise a lot of questions will continue from customers on which products are strategic and what is the migration path."

OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea hinted in his keynote last week in Orlando that something else is coming in 2014 from his organization. But he would not say what. 

So where will OpenText go in 2014? Project Red Oxygen seems to have potential to be a company-shifting product. But will it help the organization play with the big boys, like IBM and HP

One thing that will definitely help it is its relationship with SAP.

"We see OpenText continuing to being a key player in the ECM market in 2014 and beyond," Chin said. "The relationship with SAP will be a strong driver for its ECM business."

SAP was a major presence at the conference last week. We tuned in to the session that highlighted OpenText and SAP's strategic integrations, and the relationship doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon.

EIM Industry Trends

In that SAP breakout session last week, speakers stressed the industry's move to mobile, social and the cloud. And that is in line with the trends Gartner sees in the EIM space.

"The trends are mobile, social and cloud," Gartner's Chin told us. "These technology trends will have a strong impact on ECM as the information goes mobile, social and cloud. Organizations will continue their trend of consolidation and modernization and incorporate these technology trends in their ECM initiatives."