ORLANDO, Fla. — The big unveil of the 2013 OpenText World Enterprise Information Management Conference has arrived.

Or the specifics have, anyway.

Why This Product?

One week after providing a sneak peek of the EIM software enhancements in the new Project Red Oxygen, OpenText made the news official this morning in advance of its CEO’s keynote conference kickoff address at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Fla.

Targeted for CIOs, the EIM software is the company’s first harmonized release of software advancements. It is composed of five suites.

CMSWire.com asked Muhi Majzoub, senior vice president of engineering for OpenText, in an interview on Tuesday to describe the product’s “wow factor.”

Citing one of the five product suites, the Content Suite, Majzoub told us end users will be able to search across the enterprise for information like no other vendor in the world can. The platform allows users to manage, discover and leverage information across all systems.

Five Suite Breakdown

Project Red Oxygen’s Five Suites include:

  • Content Suite. Agile information governance strategy allowing users to apply consistent policies across any type of content in the enterprise in a secure manner. Enterprises, Majzoub told us, can use this locally on-premise or through archival systems in the cloud for information they don’t need often.
  • Process Suite. Business process platform and applications that enable organizations to automate complex processes. It is a platform for case management, business process transparency, business process management and service delivery. It modernizes, Majzoub said, how media is managed in the enterprise. Kevin Cochrane, OpenText’s chief marketing officer, said this part of the solution helps break down social business barriers.
  • Experience Suite. Solutions that speed collaborative media curation, creation and personalization. This helps manage media, web and social assets.
  • Information Exchange Suite. Solutions that enable users to control and accelerate how information is delivered, and securely. Automated encryption via email and the ability to internally monitor who’s accepted secure messages are highlights here, Majzoub told CMSWire.com
  • Discovery Suite. Addresses big content — unintegrated, unstructured and unmanaged information — by helping users with applications that derive value from content trapped in silos.

AppWorks Developer Platform Debuts

OpenText also released its new AppWorks Developer Platform this morning, which it hails as a common API across the five product suites for a developer platform that connects and integrates capabilities amongst and between them.

Speaking to the crowd at yesterday's “Techie Tuesday,” Adam Howatson, vice president of products at OpenText, said AppWorks is complementary to the Red Oxygen platform.

It is a RESTful API for the entire OpenText platform that provides centralized services and makes development of applications “very simple.”

OpenText wants developers and engineers to be able to work at the pace of the “business conversation,” Howatson added.

What the Market Wants

It’s no surprise OpenText is moving forward with a major release like Red Oxygen and AppWorks.

The Forrester Wave for ECM for 2013 reported vendors are being pushed to provide new functionality that addresses productivity goals in the enterprise, with flexibility and ease-of-use now key requirements. 

Agility, mobility and cloud offerings are now commonplace. In addition, deployments are a lot easier to install with a lot less initial capital expenditure in the case of cloud offerings. Users want ways to better manage content, Forrester reported, forcing vendors to change or streamline the functionality they provide.

As for Red Oxygen, its perks are its “one unified platform” approach, Cochrane told CMSWire.com, which allows organizations to put in place a “real strategy” for managing all structured and unstructured content within the enterprise.

Stay tuned today as we’ll be keeping tabs on CEO Mark Barrenechea’s keynote this morning.