HiSoftware's Newest Sheriff Expands SharePoint Security to Mobile Devices

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There's a new Sheriff in town, and it's ready to protect iPads. The newly released Sheriff Workspace for Mobile and Windows expands HiSoftware’s SharePoint product suite to include secure mobile collaboration. 

The good news about the bring-your-own-device movement is that workers are using devices they’re comfortable with, and are equipped for productivity wherever they go. The bad news, among other things, is that content shared on tablets through such systems as SharePoint opens up more vulnerabilities in an organization’s security efforts. The company noted industry predictions that 80% of businesses will be supporting tablet computers this year, especially iPads.

Balancing Security, Collaboration

To address the problem of secure mobile collaboration, IT departments have to balance security measures on iPads with the need for a fluid exchange and management of information among teams. In other words, cover iPads with security, but not too much to smother productive collaboration.

President and CEO Kurt Mueffelmann said in a statement that the workspace collaboration solution in the new Sheriff Workspace Mobile and Windows offers “the same content security capabilities we provide in traditional SharePoint implementations to mobile users,” allowing security risks on tablets and on laptops to be minimized without hindering collaboration.


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Learning Opportunities

With the new offering, such documents as financial statements or board documents can be secured at the document level but shared on tablets and laptops via user-definable checkpoint configurations. Business rules can thus be established to automatically restrict access to documents as appropriate, as well as to encrypt the document, track its chain of custody and keep it within SharePoint.

New and Older Sheriffs

Mobile users can now work online or off and have their activities monitored via the audit trail, so that there are records as to when a sensitive document has been accessed or shared. The Sheriff Workspace for Mobile and Windows also provides for controlling how confidential information is shared, tracking document lifecycles, preventing the distribution of sensitive documents and, in the event of a breach, allowing for confidential information to be remotely wiped.

HiSoftware’s products are targeted at managing SharePoint security and privacy, Web accessibility, brand integrity and site quality, for both corporations and public sector organizations. The new Sheriff utilizes rules established in HiSoftware’s main products, Compliance Sheriff SP and Security Sheriff SP. The Compliance and Security offerings continuously audit documents shared and published through SharePoint for such requirements as privacy and information security.