Earlier on we took a look at HP’s upgrade to its Marketing Performance Suite, which combined technologies from Autonomy and HP. Another set of announcements from today’s proceedings at HPDiscover in Frankfurt cover HP’s future take on Big Data and how it is going to tackle it.

Again, we are going to steer away from the fraught subject area of HP, Autonomy and allegations of creative accounting practices and just let the technology do the talking instead.

HP, Big Data

We have seen over the past two years the steady, commercial growth of Big Data applications to the point that any company looking to cut a dash in the information management space will really have to make it in the Big Data space.

HP is no different, and in Frankfurt today it showed how it is tackling, and how it will tackle Big Data.

The driving principal, HP said, is that it has developed a new  'Return on Information' strategy that aims to enable enterprises to monetize their information. We have said many times in the past that enterprise value and information value are inextricably tied together.

HP appears to agree; the announcements from HPDiscovery today are all aimed at extracting meaning and value from the information contained in Big Data.

By Big Data we mean structured information that is lodged in traditional databases, unstructured data that enters the enterprise in the form of emails, SMS, images, video and even phone calls, and then between the two, semi-structured data -- information collected from sensors and machines.

Citing research carried out for HP and contained in the internal report HP Research: Information Optimization, as much as 60% of companies are still not in a position to gain insights from Big Data.

For a company that is struggling to turn its fortunes around after a recent set of very poor quarterly figures this really is a field to be ploughed deeply.

HP, Big Data Upgrades

The result is today’s announcements. The new or upgraded releases are built around Autonomy and HP’s acquisition of Vertica two years ago and sees HP looking to capitalize on both by coupling them with HP’s Converged Infrastructure solutions and services abilities.

In doing this, HP says, it will be able to extract 100% of the meaning from Big Data, which is a pretty hefty claim and one we will be watching with interest.

Over the next several years, Return on Information will become the single most important measure of success for organizations…HP will continue to invest in and develop solutions and services that harness the volume, diversity and unpredictability of information to deliver real value to our clients,” said George Kadifa, executive vice president, Software, HP.

HP AppSystems

The first thing HP has done is to expand its HP AppSystems portfolio. In practical terms this means that it is expanding the capabilities of HP Converged Infrastructure with Apache Hadoop, HP Vertica Analytics Platform and Autonomy e-Discovery environments.

The AppManager for Hadoop update offers IT departments better insights into their Hadoop clusters running across numerous nodes. The AppSystem for Vertica complements this by offering real-time analytics of the data stored in Hadoop.

Legal and Compliance Performance Suite

This enables enterprises to detect and act on indications of risk and offers users the possibility of understanding, protecting, governing and collaborating on information, while at the same time maintaining compliance.

This is another technology that is built on top of Autonomy IDOL, which can extract meaning from data no matter what form that data is in. It also includes offerings for archiving, data protect, enterprise CMS, e-Discovery and records management.

HP Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1

HP has upgraded this to enable enterprises optimize their Big Data with analytics packs, as well as tighter and enhanced integration with Hadoop and simplified Amazon EC2 cloud.

And there’s more. This is not just a release, it is an underlining of a strategy that if not stated, has been there even before Whitman, and backed up by a whole bunch of releases.

If enterprises strive on positive and assertive action, then for HP this is the right move. It outlines where it will be going in the near future in this very valuable market.

The final thing that ties all this together is that it has also introduced an HP Big Data Strategy Workshop, which does exactly what you might expect it to do -- it aligns IT and organization goals, as well as enterprise-critical factors for making a success of Big Data.