Autonomy and HP have been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks, but today's release of an upgraded Marketing Performance Suite gives some kind of indication of where HP might be going with Autonomy’s IDOL technology -- if only it could get this nasty accounting issue out of the way.

HP, Autonomy Combined

We’re not going to focus in on the accounting issues today -- instead we're going to look atthe new version of Autonomy’s Marketing Performance Suite, which combines a number different technologies from both companies to provide a suite that offers marketing professionals the possibly of understanding the true meaning of their customer data.

The release coincides withthe HP Discover customer conference in Frankfurt, but before the conference, CMSWire sat down with Rafiq Mohammadi, general manager of the Autonomy Promote unit to see what it's all about.

The objective, he said, it is to provide a technology that covers the entire marketing lifecycle from identifying and understanding their customers to engagement and communication in real-time.

It does this by feeding customer data into the IDOL layer, which can not only recognize and see patterns in customer behavior, but also enables users to provide multi-channel, contextualized experiences that should result in customer conversions and revenue streams.

Marketers have huge responsibilities for driving business performance, but are confronted with multiple, soloed solutions, an onslaught of new forms of data that legacy systems cannot comprehend, and a constantly evolving customer base consisting of thousands of micro-segments across multiple channels,” Mohammadi, said.

HP, Autonomy Marketing Performance

The new Performance Marketing Suite ‘understands’ customers in a way that is unique to IDOLand comes with a single interface that provides information and details of possible opportunities in real time.

This is possible through the combination of Autonomy and HP technologies, which is what the original acquisition was supposed to provide. The enhancements brings to together Autonomy, HP Software, HP Labs, and HP Printing and Personal Systems.

The result is a large number of changes and upgrades, which we can’t really go into in detail here, but the main ones include:

Executive Scoredcards

A HP technology, this enables users to track multiple performance indicators through a single interface. The indicators include customer satisfaction, lead conversion, online advertising effectiveness, social impact and SEO ranking. HP Software and Autonomy offer this as a consulting service.

Learning Opportunities

Facebook Advertising Bid Optimization

From Autonomy’s Optimost Campaign, this enhanced version comes with new bidding algorithms for social advertising. Identifies the best price point and places to buy advertising on Facebook.

Enhanced Segmentation

This is from Autonomy’s Optimost portfolio too and has been enhanced with dynamic segment discovery capabilities. It detects and targets content to new customer segments in real-time, resulting in increased revenue by audience.

Integrated CXM

Autonomy TeamSite and LiveSite have been enhanced so that content can be correlated with activity in social networks in near-enough to real time. This means that Autonomy can show activity associated with an event within social networks almost as soon as that activity starts to emerge.


Integration between Autonomy Web CMS and multichannel e-commerce solutions including Hybris, enable enterprises manage the entire shopping experience of customers.

Aurasma and Web CMS

Enterprises can now use Aurasma to extend dynamic and personalized experiences into the mobile channel. It also comes with new, intuitive and integrated interfaces that enable users to manage multiple functions from one console, allowing marketers to create engaging websites.

For any company looking for an advanced marketing suite, this is definitely worth a look. There will be other announcements from this conference, which we’ll be looking out for, especially those that demonstrate the combination of Autonomy and HP can provide something more than just negative headlines.