At JasperWorld yesterday, CEO Brian Gentile referred to a new IT World, one that is "characterized by a heightened sensitivity to cost, a new technology stack that includes Cloud and Big Data and the consumerization of enterprise IT." This is clearly reflected in the evolution of the Jaspersoft business intelligence platform.

Business Intelligence activities were traditionally the role of a few senior people in the organization. But roles have evolved and intelligence information has become a necessary element of every knowledge worker's daily routine. Which is why it makes sense that we see BI vendors like Jaspersoft expanding the market to support a wide range of users and needs.

At its first annual user conference, Jaspersoft kicked off with a close look at their roadmap and vision for business intelligence. As Gentile has clearly noted, times are changing and the old BI software is no longer suited to meet the needs of today's organizations, and it's especially not suited for smaller organizations.

A New Breed of Business Intelligence

Which is why in late January we saw the introduction of Jaspersoft 4, the latest version of Jaspersoft's commercial BI platform built on open source technologies. This latest version was a major overhaul, they completely rewrote the top 3rd of the platform's architecture, separating the content and presentation layers from the underlying architecture. Jaspersoft 4 extends BI into existing applications and into the cloud.

There's also a renewed emphasis on the non-technical user, ensuring that BI is available to a wide range of knowledge workers. To support this, Jaspersoft announced a partnership with open source CRM provider SugarCRM.


SugarCRM customers now have access to several special priced editions of Jaspersoft BI, integrated with their SugarCRM environment. These include:

  • Jaspersoft BI Professional for SugarCRM: Access to Jaspersoft Report Server enables users to drill, filter, pivot and summarize data, and send that report out to others. There is also a single license for Jaspersoft ETL Professional which allows a user to connect to SugarCRM and pull data from a number of data sources.
  • Jaspersoft OLAP for SugarCRM: For those who need to work with larger datasets and run more complex queries, Jaspersoft OLAP is available.
  • Jaspersoft ETL Enterprise for SugarCRM: Priced per user, this is a multi-user design environment which includes powerful change data capture, data lineage and several advanced job monitoring features.

This is not the first time SugarCRM and Jaspersoft have worked together. It's a natural extension of an existing relationship which includes a popular connector between Jasper Reports and SugarCRM, available on SugarCRM’s SugarForge online community.

Supporting Big Data

The other natural extension for Jaspersoft is with Big Data. Native support for a wide number of data stores was announced, including support for NoSQL, Hadoop, MPP Analytic Database (IBM Netezza MPP analytic database data warehouse, Vertica and EMC Greenplum). As part of its "Big Data Reporting" Project, Jaspersoft now offers over a dozen big data connectors.

A New IT World

Jaspersoft is smart recognizing that IT is evolving and that business intelligence needs to be made available to a wider range of users in an organization. And it isn't the only one. There has been an increase in the number of BI solutions hitting the market. They range from offering BI support via mobile and tablet devices, to offering BI solutions for the SMB market.

Even IBM has offered up an express version of BI based on Cognos, its traditional enterprise BI software, while others are looking at how social media will affect the BI world.

This is certainly one of the most interesting and evolving areas of information management, touching on every aspect of how organizations do business today. It will be interesting to see how the big, traditional BI players evolve (and they are) and how the open source players move in and take a seat at the table.