In light of the ongoing change-over from Hotmail to, news from Microsoft that it has upgrade its app for Android. App

The app was launched last November but was generally regarded by users and Microsoft alike as less user-friendly that the web app and mobile app for Windows Phone.

In a blog post by Steve Kafka of the Program Management he describes the upgrades as a major new upgrade of the Android app that offers a new interface and a number of new features. Upgraded Interface.jpg interface upgrade

When you dig a bit deeper, though, while the interface is indeed better than it was before, there isn’t a huge amount of new functionality -- although the new conversation threading will be a welcome addition for most.

It also enables you carry out some of the most important functions that have long been a standard of email inboxes like filters for unread mail, flagged messages and it also enables you mark certain messages as spam. Upgraded Interface 2.jpg upgraded Interface App, Android

The app also took into account the fact that Exchange ActiveSync does not provide a consistent experience across Android devices:

We believe that the best mobile experience is enabled through Exchange ActiveSync -- which provides a rich, powerful, network-optimized experience for Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile devices…However, native support for Exchange ActiveSync on Android devices varies significantly and so we build a separate app to ensure as many people as possible can have a great experience across all their devices,” Kafka said.

If you're interested in the updated version of the app you can download it here.

Meanwhile, the move from Hotmail to is going apace, according to Microsoft. The latest figure for those that have moved -- including Gmail users that have moved -- since came out of preview in February has hit 60 million. The target date for completion of the Hotmail wind-down is still sometime this summer.