Mobile App of the Week: Task Management with Adobe LiveCycle

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This week for the mobile app of the week we’re continuing our search for tools that aid employee engagement with a look at Adobe LiveCycle Mobile ES4, which gives users a mobile environment to work on documents and tasks.

Employee Engagement Through Task Management

Part of the Adobe LifeCycle suite of products, the LiveCycle Mobile ES4 aims to help employees with productivity and cost management by managing tasks and documents on the go. Users, who have Adobe LiveCycle accounts, have the ability to see and work on assignments and fill out forms, such as an insurance claim -- all from their mobile device.

Specifically, with the tasks feature a user can see all of their tasks or configure the app to show the ones that can be completed from their device. The app automatically keeps the tasks organized by letting a user know when a deadline is approaching. If a task is nearing its deadline, the date is orange, while if it is past due it's red.

When completing a task users simply have to tap it and follow the instructions to complete it. If needed, users can accept or reject a task when sent to them and can call, message or email the task’s sender with the information provided on the task detail screen.

Users also have access to a variety of generic and specific forms, such as a Day Off and PTO request and can fill them out before sending them to colleagues for review or approval.

If a user has more than one account, forms and task associated with each account are distinguished by a color band near the left side of the screen.


LiveCycle Mobile’s use is narrowed as it's limited to users who run the Adobe LiveCycle ES2 or higher or Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform for business process management, data capture, workflows and content retrieval. It also doesn't provide functionality for Flash, Air or PDF tools.

Learning Opportunities

The app is available in the Google Play Store and Blackberry World under the Adobe LiveCycleMobile ES3 name and in iTunes as the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform -- Mobile.

The Entire Platform

Most recently, Adobe updated the LifeCycle platform to ES4, even though the mobile application is still only available in ES3 mode. As a whole though, the platform in its various incarnations is an enterprise document and form suite designed to help companies manage and process information, communicate across a digital environment and protect and track document and files through both a desktop and mobile format.

Some of its other tools include Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator ES4, a solution that creates, designs, distributes and archives PDF documents, LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES4 a digital signature tool that helps create automatedand digital workflows that reduce the amount of paper being used and Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES4, an is an integrated development environment where developers, designers and business analysis work together to develop forms, documents and other business processes.

A Good Investment?

At first glance the LiveCycle mobile app appears to be merely be a task manager, but when used with LiveCycle’s other applications, solutions and modules it becomes a worthwhile productivity and engagement tool. While there haven’t been much industry insight, most recent platform updates or its mobile applications, past versions have been well received, such as version 2 of the suite, which was released in 2009.

For end users, applications usually appear in a personalized workspace that's accessed from a browser,” said Mike Heck of Network World. “For more flexibility, the new LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile… lets users participate in business processes while away from their main computer."

CMSWire’s Barry Levine found the platform's most recent updates to be beneficial, especially with its mobile capabilities allowing users to work from whichever device they choose.