Today Oracle announced that it has entered into an agreement to buy Endeca, a privately held company that provides unstructured data management, web commerce, and business intelligence (BI) solutions. 

This month, Oracle only has eyes for BI -- recall that the company announced the launch of its Exalytics analytics appliance the first week of October.

With the addition of Endeca's resources, Oracle is expected to deliver a suite of analytic tools to process, store, manage, search and analyze structured and unstructured information, such as social media, email and third-party feeds, through common sets of user interfaces. Oracle Development's Executive Vice President, Thomas Kurian, says that the new technology should allow the company to integrate more comprehensive unstructured data management into Oracle's engineered systems.

Complementary Offerings

With operations in North America, Europe, and Asia, Endeca is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. The companies have the same customers across a range of industries, so Endeca and Oracle already offer complementary products.

Endeca's MDEX Engine allows enterprises to analyze unstructured data, whereas Oracle offers structured data management and analytics. The new pairing would integrate unstructured data into ERP, supply chain, human capital management, CRM and EPM applications and specialized edge applications, such as web commerce and analytics applications.

Learning Opportunities

Oracle provides e-commerce and merchandising solutions, and Endeca's InFront offering is a customer experience management platform that allows advanced merchandising and content-targeting tools for web commerce. The new combination would provide cross-channel insight of customer behavior, deliver a cohesive experience across all interaction channels (for example, web, cell center and mobile social), leverage the same data and management tools for structured and unstructured data and streamline management and integration tools to lower the deployment costs.

Launched last year, Endeca Latitude allows customers to develop unstructured data analytics applications, and Oracle provides business intelligence solutions for data analytics. Together, these solutions extend Oracle's business intelligence capabilities to support both unstructured and semi-structured data sources, provide data exploration, and provide one user interface for analyzing the various types of data.

What Happens When the Deal Closes?

The acquisition should be finalized by the end of the year, and the companies will operate independently until then. Then Endeca's management team and employees are expected to join Oracle. Oracle says that it expects business to remain the same for Endeca partners until the deal is finalized, then partners will be notified of any changes. Endeca training services will be combined with Oracle University.