Tell Splunk users that Big Data is a bust, and they’ll, more than likely, tell you you’re nuts.  

Why? Because they’ve been busy leveraging Splunk’s platform for machine data analytics and operational intelligence for quite some time now, gleaning insights from the unprecedented volumes of data flowing at them at record speeds -- and instead of becoming overwhelmed by Big Data, they’re using it to help them work smarter.

They’re using Splunk to foresee problems with apps before they go down; to manage data center operations; to protect Enterprises from security threats; to provide digital intelligence via website analytics; to produce business insights; and to pan the gold from the masses of new types of data flying toward them, courtesy of the Internet of Things.

That being said, it’s no wonder that Splunk was one of the first Big Data companies to go public; their customers can actually point to real-life evidence as to how their Big Data initiatives help them save money, make money, stay in business, and/or protect their business partners, their customers and themselves from security threats.

Not only that, but Splunk is also easy on the user. It displays information visually, which certainly beats trying to wrap your head around numbers or rows and columns of numbers on spreadsheets.

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Unveiled Today- Splunk Enterprise 6 Delivers Speed & Analytics For IT, Ease of Use For Business

All kinds of things excite people in Vegas, and whether you’re a business user or geek at .conf2013, Splunk’s worldwide user conference being held in Las Vegas this week, we suppose that you’re going to be on the edge of your seat when Splunk Chairman and CEO Godfrey Sullivan unveils and demos, for the very first time, Splunk Enterprise 6.

You won’t be disappointed.

This new release offers business end users something we’ve seldom seen before; namely, the ability to query and dig into machine data without the help of IT.

So, if you’re a marketer who wants to know what teenagers are buying from your website, you can get the answer yourself. If you then want to know where these teenagers live, what other websites they visit, what time of day they’re most likely to Buy Vs. Browse, you can use a simple drag-and-drop interface to explore, manipulate and visualize data.

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Geeks will be impressed by what they find in Splunk Enterprise 6 as well. It now includes Splunk Enterprise 6 High Performance Analytics Store, a patent-pending transparent acceleration technology that delivers analytics performance up to 1,000 times faster than any previous version of Splunk.

They’ll also appreciate that Splunk Enterprise 6 is easier to deploy, configure and manage than previous versions, even as customers scale out their mission-critical Splunk Enterprise deployments.

Splunk On The Cloud & For Developers. A Surprise

Enterprises want to be able to choose whether they want software on premises or in the Cloud, and Splunk users are no different.

That’s why, later today, Splunk will be announcing a new service that delivers Splunk Enterprise in the cloud. Through it, enterprise users will be able to access Splunk Cloud to gain visibility and operational insights into their machine-generated data in the cloud, as well as correlate this data across their cloud and on-premise environments.

The company says that Splunk Storm, the cloud-based service introduced last year, will significantly expand its free developer offerings to 20GB of total storage per month.