The Zen of Big Data: Visualize Business Insights with Zoomdata

Got data? Of course you do. Have you figured out what to do with it? ZoomData can help. It takes your data at any level and gives you actionable, shareable, real-time insights.

Zooming In on Your Data

Zoomdata allows you to connect to internal and external data sources, combine, merge and crunch data streams, visualize the results in real-time, and provide instant access to your colleagues.

Currently in beta, the folks at Zoomdata are not limiting their reach to just one specific industry. They think that everyone can benefit from actionable insights. That’s also why they incorporated data visualization into the mix. Data is big and messy, and well, putting it into pictures makes it a little simpler and easier to understand. And because data is constantly growing, evolving, and changing -- Zoomdata is available in a convenient, mobile carrying case -- called your iPad.


When we spoke with Chris McGill, vice president of strategy and business development, he was eager to point out a few ways some companies were using Zoomdata to connect with their data. Some are using it to monitor social media in real time, or isolate and illuminate the most meaningful sales trends, while others are using it to digest copious amount of information in bite-size nuggets that can be saved and shared.

Zoomdata App Store Image 3.png

Zoomdata App Store Image 4.png

To Know Your Data is To See Your Data

To integrate with an organization's actual enterprise data, administrators and power users can download the Zoomdata Server from Zoomdata's website, including various data source connectors and install files for virtual and Linux servers. In addition to using Zoomdata's standard set of visualizations, users have the option of configuring their own D3.JS visuals.

Just because your data grows at the speed of now, doesn't mean that you necessarily have to track it every second of every day. Zoomdata gives users the ability to compare real time/actual data with historical baselines, as well as set up Intelligent Alerts that will alert users of issues that need their attention.

Over the next six months or so, Zoomdata will be tweaking and incorporating feedback from users as they emerge from their beta stage. They are focused on improving the app's scalability and customization to accommodate all types of users. Because data grows at all levels, from the organizational and personal levels, Zoomdata aims to provide anyone who wants to connect, stream, visualize and access their data, the ability to do so.