TIBCO, makers of Spotfire analytics has released version 5 of its simplified system for making data based decisions, building predictive models and perhaps finding that key insight that could be ground breaking.

Spotfire 5 Features

Spotfire 5 has been rebuilt to provide faster data visualization, predictive modeling and scalability.

"These capabilities are exactly what enterprises are looking for to be able to discover the value hidden in their data," Lars Bauerle, TIBCO Spotfire VP of product strategy said in a statement.

Spotfire 5 is meant to capture data from multiple sources and offers custom reports and dashboards, but also do that in a faster, more intuitive way. Because Spotfire integrates with Microsoft, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes, version 5 can take advantage of its in-memory system for faster parsing of large data sets.

All that means is for those systems that are more closely connected to Spotfire (unlike systems that must be accessed remotely, for example), data can be indexed faster and with less compute power than with previous versions. That is good for scalability and speed.


Spotfire 5 interactive analytics is a good fit for the high tech manufacturing, retail, life sciences, and financial services industries.

Additionally, because Spotfire does not require a deep knowledge of business intelligence to know how to use it, companies can set the system up faster and begin using it across departments even faster. 

Data Evolving, Companies Responding; Mostly

This month, CMSWire is focusing on how companies can improve customer experiences using the right data and proper strategies. Because so many analytics packages are only really good at either reporting static information or simply providing complex stats, Spotfire 5 is positioned to battle on both of these fronts. TIBCO promises an analytics platform that is dynamic, and not overly complex to use. 

That means people across enterprises could benefit from any insights found, and those findings could be implemented faster to provide real action. As with any enterprise undertaking, it's wise to think long and hard about taking on a new analytics package, and remember to have some clear goals already set out.