Our SharePointpalooza continued this week with the debut of a new series on SharePoint governance, a few perspectives on what SharePoint 2013 holds in store and something anyone contemplating the switch to the latest version can relate to: the SharePoint upgrade headache.

We also heard further reports from the archival front and were asked if your workplace was a circus, who would you be?

SharePoint: What's Working, What Isn't

SharePoint 2013: Not Quite What I Expected

Jennifer Mason (@jennifermason): With each new release of SharePoint I become like a kid in a candy shop, ready to find all the new and exciting goodies that have been made available. SharePoint 2013 has been no exception.

Since the release of the Customer Preview I have been anxiously digging in and trying to find what new and exciting things have been added. What I have found so far has been a pleasant surprise, and not quite what I expected.

SharePoint Business Governance Strategy: An Overview

Frederik Leksell (@letstalkgov): Many portals, intranets, public websites and other solutions fail to deliver objectives and ROI within 6 months to a year because no one governs the solution. This series will share my high level SharePoint Business Governance strategy to help your company turn those success rates around.

The SharePoint Upgrade Headache

Martin White (@intranetfocus): With SharePoint, it really can be 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 all at the same time.

Over the years I’ve been faced with some very challenging intranet projects but none of them come close to the challenges of upgrading software on the office computer.

35,000 Foot View of SharePoint 2013 for Developers

Brian Alderman (@brianalderman): Are you ready for SharePoint 2013?

This is the second in a four part series that provides a 35,000-foot overview of some of the major changes expected in SharePoint 2013. With this piece we will dive into what will be new for developers.

The series covers these changes as they relate to administrators, developers, designers and end users.

SharePoint Adoption: Is Customization the Rally Cap?

Kevin Conroy (@seattlerooster): I always like to put events into a solid sports analogy and SharePoint lends itself to this in a unique way. SharePoint is somewhat akin to the New York Yankee teams of the past couple decades: this product has been a consistent leader, though it has had some ups and downs in the enterprise collaboration space, and continues to hold its place in the echelon of enterprise productivity tools that will continue to lead well into the next many “seasons” to come.

Taking Care of Content

6 Ways to Repurpose Content - Even if You Think You Don't Have Any

Jim Belosic (@shortstacklab): Fresh content is great for social media, but sometimes deadlines, budget or writer's block get in the way. Take these tips to repurpose existing content from your business for social media.

Content is king. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 100 times. But the fact is, it can be difficult to create interesting, relevant content day after day. If you’re a small business, or working with a new brand, establishing a social media presence from scratch can seem overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be.

Altimeter: Content Marketing is Key to Converged Marketing Imperative

Chelsi Nakano (@chelsi): This year “convergence” is becoming much more than just a buzzword, particularly in the world of content marketing. As a recent report from Altimeter Group explains, three previously distinct channels are now merging to produce increasingly necessary hybrids.

Stop Before You Overhaul: 5 Ways Testing can Maximize Impact with Minimal Changes 

Mark Simpson (@markj_simpson):  An overarching site overhaul is often a marketer's go-to solution when online sales and conversion rates are sinking. After all, if bounce rates are high, average order values aren’t up to snuff, and one-time-buyers are the norm, it must be the website's fault … right?

No Clowns Allowed

The Collaboration Circus

David Coleman (@dcoleman100): Is collaboration in your organization like a 3-ring circus? Are you the ringmaster or the clown; the trapeze artist or the animal tamer? 

Most enterprises are going through a vast transformation around collaboration. No longer are the 1.0 tools (SharePoint, Exchange, etc.) meeting the needs of the line of business or those with collaborative needs in sales, marketing, support, R&D, etc.

Wildervoices: Anthony Goldbloom on Crowdsourcing Big Data Analytics

Scott K. Wilder (@skwilder): As someone whose career in the 21st Century has focused mainly on user contribution systems and user created content, I leverage several crowdsourcing sites on the Web. One of my favorites is, which according to its Australian CEO, Anthony Goldbloom, enables people to outsource big data questions.

The Future of Archives

The Challenges and Rewards of Open-Source Digital Video Preservation #saa12

Mimi Dionne (@cawprhyd): The good times continued at the SAA Annual Meeting last week as attendees weighed their open-source video preservation options. A case study from the City of Vancouver Archives outlining its successes and weighty considerations prompted the session audience to ask thought-provoking questions on the simplicity of film preservation and the complications of video preservation.

Solving Problems with Authority and Sharing: Developments and Prospects #saa12 

Mimi Dionne (@cawprhyd): The Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC) project is an ambitious one that seeks to locate records of historical importance across repositories and make them available to patrons on a massive scale. Our panel updated us on its fascinating progress. Look at what we records and information management professionals can do.

Towards Seamless Connections Between Born-Digital & Hard-Copy Records #saa12

Mimi Dionne (@cawprhyd): The question of creating access to information is not a new one for archivists, but how some archivists are answering that question when handling large quantities of hard copy data in a digital environment is.

We've got a really great panel for next week's SharePoint Tweet Jam, so if you still haven't had your SharePoint fill, be sure to check in next Wednesday at 10am PDT / 1 pm EDT!

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