Rebrandable Zimplit CMS

Ever thought of building your very own CMS from scratch? Consider taking Zimplit CMS and putting your logo on it, or naming it after your favorite goldfish.

Zimplit CMS, also known as the “easiest website creation tool ever made,” decided to give customers the ability to fully rebrand the content management system. What exactly does a “rebrandable CMS” mean in this case?

“Our rebranding means that everything is rebrandable, also the name,” says Zimplit’s Mattias Lepp. Rebrandable CMS means that the entire software interface can be modified to a customer’s own brand. On top of that, Zimplit promises to provide manuals, demos, templates (259 € /per template) and even monthly newsletters -- all rebrandable to whatever your heart or business desires.

What Can be Customized in Zimplit CMS?

  1. Interface: The entire Zimplit CMS interface can be modified to include customer branding. Zimplit’s name is never mentioned.
  2. Toolbar: From having only one button like “Save” to the whole nine yards of a toolbar with all modules and widgets.
  3. Templates: You can choose from the existing default ones or request your unique templates that reflect your brand with “Your name goes here” approach.

With all of the above in mind, Zimplit lures customers in with a promise that they can easily install the CMS, customize and resell it at your own price.

Zimplit gives one example why a customizable Zimplit toolbar can be in demand: “If a customer wants to provide websites for children, the toolbar can be with only a few buttons, for business users, much more will be included.” Wow, children using a CMS -- must be the next wickedly smart generation being born after the Millennials.

What is the Point, or Can Pure Open Source CMS Survive?

According to Zimplit, “most of the small website companies and organizations are struggling to construct their own content management system.” While we hardly agree with this statement, we do think that many SMBs are looking for a lightweight web content management system. And there are so many to choose from nowadays, it is not even worth investing money and effort into building your own CMS from scratch.

There are too many to list here open source and (to varying degrees) simple content management systems, as well as blogging platforms currently out there, including:

And also open source and not that simple (aka robust) content management systems like:

Not long ago we pondered whether pure open source can be a viable business model and make your pockets full of cash. Zimplit came up with an interesting hybrid model (a known practice in the industry) of how you can make money on an open source CMS. The free, non-rebrandable version of Zimplit CMS is still available. The “rebrandable” one costs from 19 € to 399 € per month. Support starts at 319 € per year.