Blogging has been around for some time now, but there is a new aspect of blogging that is on the rise across the web. That aspect is microblogging. Much like the advent of text messaging, microblogging is taking the idea of being connected to the next level and sweeping the world over. Why microblogging? It’s simple -- people want to be “first”, people want to interact, people want to see sides of businesses that they have never seen before. They don’t want to always have to read a novel to get the scoop, and it’s new. Now, this doesn’t mean it’s a fad or it’s going to be short lived. We think microblogs are here to stay. And they aren’t just for your teenager to stay in touch with their friends from school. You might be wondering what a microblog is…

Microblogging Defined

Microblogging is simply blogging on a small scale. Microblog entries consist of usually around 150 characters and/or the inclusion of photos and video. They are then displayed in line with each other on your page in real-time. Others can “find” you and follow your “updates” (posts) in a variety of ways. One of the greatest features of many microblog systems is that they have mobile linking capabilities so you can send and receive posts via mobile phone and SMS messaging. On top of that you can follow someone via RSS feed. With the text messaging features of microblogs you can now reach your customers and other followers whereever they are to provide critical minute by minute news. The fact that it’s real-time, with text capabilities and a built in viral set-up via RSS is what makes this a web publishing powerhouse. Many people use microblogging similar to 24 hour video blogging where they give a play by play account of their day. Now this may not sound that exciting, but if you go to and search, you will see that microblogging (especially with Twitter) is gaining speed rapidly. This is great news for web publishers. Now you can keep your visitors, readers, followers and customers current on what you are doing. With the rise of blogs and microblogs, the public is wanting more and more personal type contact with others online. And the more they get it, the more they trust you and the more of an authority you become.

Get Started Microblogging Now

The three main microblogs right now are Twitter (which many of you may be familiar with), Tumblr (which is similar to Twitter, except in that they allow longer posts), and Pownce (which is more closely akin to Twitter). Getting set up on all three is super easy. All you need is a good user name and an email address. If you are going to use this as a marketing type tool for your blog or other web publishing endeavor then try to get a name related to your niche and keywords. You can set up as many as you like, provided you have enough email addresses. All three services have varying levels of customization including color and background changing, templates, and open API development. Simply visit,, and to set up accounts. Follow their instructions and you will be set to go.

Twitter's Added Value

The reason that Twitter is mentioned so heavily is that it is not only the most widely used, but (with the integration of Twhirl, a desktop Twitter app found at and you can post to Twitter only and automate the forwarding of the posts to both Tumblr and Pownce, giving you three times the exposure. Once you are set up you will want to post regularly, be yourself, follow others and get others to follow you. Be sure that you are acting ethically and responsibly. People will read what you write and you will develop a reputation -- try to make it a good one.