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Do you spend the better part of your days twittering with your friends? Are you hooked on Twitter but find it frustrating that you can’t share photos, videos and files with your friends? Good news for you… The microblogging platform Twitter has a new service called twit + (twit plus). This service lets you twitter with photos or video. You can even send secure files to your friends. Is this the death of email jokes and YouTube must see videos? Your friends don’t need to use twit + to receive your multimedia twits – just a twitter accounts. This service is available now, but there are plans for more functionality – some of which are already in development: * Timeline View: You will be able to view your messages through the twit+ website, all multimedia content available inline. * Mobile Access: Post your multimedia twits from your mobile phone. There will also be a number where you can MMS your photos and videos, providing instant addition to your twitter timeline. * API: For the developers who want to integrate twitplus with other applications or services. * Desktop App: Being built for both Windows and Mac PCs, you will be able to transfer files via drag and drop. This app will integrate with both twitter and twit+. * Integration with Flickr: Link twit+ directly with your Flickr feed. * Picture Editing: Edit your pictures before you send them. TwitPlus is the brainchild of Dan Field from ClearMyMail, a UK company that specializes in email spam filtering. Guess this is one of his ways to clear the junk email from our email – we can twit it instead. Give it a try and sign up for the twit+ updates to hear about all the new functionality as it becomes available.