Yahoo 360
Yahoo, a late comer to blogging, announces Yahoo 360. The free service gives existing and new Yahoo! users a place on the web to share everything with everybody, or somebody. Its a digital orgy with blogs, moblogs, photos, lists (e.g., favorite books), blasts, LaunchCast, and reviews.The tag line: Share What Matters to You Let people know what's interesting or important to you. Post photos. Start a blog. Share lists and recommendations, anything. Show w ho you are and what's in your life -- all your delights, dislikes, and playful passions. "Yahoo 360 allows consumers to conveniently connect with the people they care about by creating and sharing blogs, photos and other content across Yahoo," said Julie Herendeen, vice president for network services at Yahoo. Google's been in this game for a while with the successful blogger service and Microsoft launched MSN spaces in late 2004.