Zimplit (news, site) adds a further update for its easy-as-pie website creation system, making it the simplest design system to come out Estonia, and possibly anywhere.

Nothing Like a Free Lunch?

Zimplit is the colourful, free and accessible answer to a question, often asked by the common folk, "How do I make a website?" The process isn't quite as simple as the company makes out, as we pointed out when we last took a look back in October. However, as far as creating a site goes, all users need to do is choose a template, edit the content and upload your images. In return they get a zip file that can be extracted and uploaded to the hosting service.

Zimplit 2.1 CMS is available now and offers many improvements in the code. Users can now add widgets and gadgets to their sites, such as search boxes. Resellers, who have been able to repackage Zimplit since last month, will now find it easier to rebrand the package.

Using the resellers administration area, they can upload their own logos and get instantly all rebranded files -- including manuals and CMS. The company has seen around 12,000 website created by resellers this sees the whole rebranding process made quick and simple.

Additional features include:

  • More browsers - Added Safari and Chrome support
  • Theme picker - Change your website design with one click
  • File manager - Manage your website files through Zimplit
  • Search box - Add a search box to your web site

Pick a site, and make it your own

Another, um, interesting feature still in development, due in version 3.0, is the ability to download any HTML-based website in the world and create your own version from it by adding your own graphics and text. Not sure what the copyright lawyers would have to say about that, but it is certainly a unique feature.

Remember though, that the "free" part of Zimplit only includes the designer and templates. Users need to pay €3 a month for 1GB of hosted space, 1GB bandwidth, email, Plesk's control panel and antivirus protection.