As Technology Needs Rise, So Does Security

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The workplace is no longer limited to a seat behind a desk, and technology trends continue to evolve to meet the demands of roving offices. Companies want easy efficient business technology, but they also want security.

This is evidenced by a significant second quarter rise in mobile customer relationship management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and document editing apps and secure instant messaging apps in the Good Technology Mobility Index report for Q2 2014.

The second-quarter analysis by the mobile security solutions provider analyzes enterprise apps and data usage for more than 5,000 companies in over 180 countries and is published every quarter.

“Enterprises are realizing the need for secure mobile apps and mobile business process workflows,” Lynn Lucas, chief marketing officer at Good Technology, told CMSWire. “Two years ago, the lion share of the industry discussion was around device choice and email. Today that focus is shifting to technology that allows employees to work efficiently whether they’re onsite or off.”

March of the Android

While the continued march of mobile apps and platforms into desktop app territory is meeting anticipated demand, industry insiders were surprised by the growing number of Android activations, both devices and enterprise apps.

“Total Android device activations increased five percentage points from Q1 to Q2, and came in at 32 percent of total activations this quarter,” said Lucas. This jump shaved four percentage points from iOS’s shares.

This quarter’s results appear to be driven by the desire of business owners to give employees access to critical data offsite, but only if they are confident sensitive information is secure in mobile app to app workflows, said Lucas.

Learning Opportunities

“With sample horizontal and vertical workflows, we’re seeing more emphasis being put on empowering stakeholders with this access to sensitive data on their mobile devices – everything from mobile CRM, BI and instant messaging to customer-built applications that support retail banking, insurance claims agents and patient care,” she said.

Report Breakdown

Other highlights of the report include:

  • Secure instant messaging apps retain their title as top app for smartphones and dethroned custom apps, moving up to the third position in the most activated app category
  • Custom app activations grew 25 percent since the last quarter
  • Fueled by 200 percent growth in total activations, BI regained its footing this quarter climbing back into position as the “up and coming app”
  • CRM apps are fast movers to keep an eye on in the future
  • Enterprise application activations increased 20 percent since the first quarter

So what does the future hold?

“As CIOs continue to identify ways in which to increase productivity but ensure security of data,” Lucas said, “we believe we’ll continue to see growth in enterprise app activations, as well as growth across the major mobile OS platforms, and possibly the introduction of new platforms.”