Adobe's New Flash Server Plays Nice with iPad, iPhone
At the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, Adobe has unveiled an updated Flash Media Server that works happily with iOS devices.

IBC, Easy as 1,2,3...

I hate events where they never tell you what the acronym stands for; this could have been the "Indecisive Bagel Chewers" convention for all I knew. But, apparently, for the broadcast media, IBC is a very big thing, with Hollywood director James Cameron giving the keynote about 3DTV production and many tech companies touting their wares.

Adobe is on the show floor, demonstrating some high-end video technology along with the tools to distribute it around the Web. The company's content delivery system, Flash Media Server, is now up to version 4.5 and offers video streaming compatibility with iPad and iPhone as well as Android and other devices. Note, this doesn't apply to Flash app content.

Flash Media Server 4.5 can repackage content in real time, changing the protocol to suit the target device, whether it be HTTP dynamic or live streaming. By being able to deliver content to iOS and other devices using on-demand streaming, businesses can use the same media and live streams to deliver full adaptive bit-rate, highest-quality-possible video content.

Learning Opportunities

Access to Flash

Adobe is also showing off Flash Access 3.0, which provides a back-end for customers to sell content securely over the current and next-generation of set-top boxes, media players and other connected home equipment that is rapidly becoming part of our media-consuming lives. Adobe Pass helps store user account information to save logging into different services.

If all this works on our phones and tablets as well, then we might be stepping toward that "watch what we want, where we want, when we want to" lifestyle. If it helps bring Flash content to iOS devices too, then all the better.

The IBC conference and exhibition runs from September 8 to 13 at the RAI, Amsterdam, with close to 50,000 attendees from the world of film, TV and technology.