Apple Confirms New iPad Wi-Fi Connection Issues

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An internal email message shows that Apple recognizes a potential problem with some third-generation iPads and Wi-Fi connections, and will swap defective devices for a new unit.

Struggling to Connect?

Apple (and, to be fair, most other smartphone/tablet makers) has had a range of issues with its brilliant new gadgets in recent years. Once they're out of the labs, in the hands of users, we've seen all kinds of fun with poor battery performance, weak phone signals and scratchable cases.

If only we just sat and worshipped these gadgets on their pedestals, as the makers intended, we wouldn't have any of this nonsense. The latest company to cop to a problem is Apple whose new third-generation iPad is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi in some instances. This comes after the non-issue of battery charging and the fuss over the tablet running a little hot.

Not on the Network

At first glance, that could be down to a batch of less than perfect Wi-Fi aerials, a connection inside that isn't responding well to all the heat generated by the new iPad or some other issue. At least this time, Apple is responding promptly, via an internal memo to Apple Stores.

Learning Opportunities

It discusses an investigation in process, and offers to replace any problematic units with replacements directly. The issue is with Wi-Fi only units and according to the memo, “symptoms can include, but are not limited to: intermittent connectivity, slow Wi-Fi speeds, and Wi-Fi network not seen.”

All it would take is a little more public communication from Apple, rather than all these internal memos that will always leak, and these issues would be a lot less fractious.