Chirp Helps Users Share Content With A Crowd

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Sharing a photo, document or other content with a bunch of people in a room just got a lot easier thanks to Chirp, using a series of audio tones to spread the link to everyone present. 

Chirp, Don't Tweet

A new British-developed app is helping to solve the issue of sending content to an ad-hoc group of people. Sure, you could get their email addresses or cell numbers, but this is both an elegant and cute solution. The app uploads your content to a cloud source, then sends audio tones around the room, hall or wherever you are to the devices of those attending your meeting.

Those equipped with the app get an instant link to your cloud-hosted content, and it appears on their device near instantaneously. There's no device pairing, exchanging of details or other hassle. FInd more information from app's site. It is available now for iOS now, with an Android version in the works. The site's blog also answers the obvious question, what if it is noisy? 

The world is a noisy place. Chirp is designed to cope with traffic sound, music, speech, TVs blaring in the background, and so on. We've spent a lot of time on buses and bars testing the Chirp audio engine, and we think the system is pretty good at present. Roughly speaking, if you can hear it, the app can hear it. 

Monetizing the Bird

The app is a spin-off of a University project that is making quite a bit of noise itself today, there's a neat demonstration of it in action on this BBC story. The app lets you choose content from many sources, you can take a photo, choose one from the Camera Roll, add a text note, or a link to a document. Free to download and use, the company plans to monetize it through add-on services and other integrations.

Learning Opportunities


 It could easily see use in marketing or commercial settings, with Chirping being used to send adverts, vouchers or messages, something the company could take a cut of any profits. Certainly an elegant idea, it could easily spread from closed meetings to the wider world if it takes off. 

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