Facebook iPad App Leaks via iPhone
Showing just how close the iPad and iPhone are, Facebook's (news, site) upcoming iPad app has been found hiding inside the iPhone app, making an imminent official release likely.

Like Russian Dolls

A recent update to the Facebook iPhone app has led to the discovery of the iPad version, tucked away inside, which has been seen in private as a limited preview by a few lucky souls. It is possible to give this version a whirl (via some tweaks) as the code for the two versions reside in the same file.

The iPad app looks smart and has been long-awaited by Facebook users who have been getting increasingly concerned over the delay. By all indications, there won't be long to wait now. The app makes full use of the iPad's screen space and allows more interaction on the main screen without cutting to other pages.

Sad Facebook

Facebook finds itself in a bit of slump recently, losing users, being challenged by the launch of Google+ while looking at a possible megabucks IPO. At the recent launch of its video chat feature with Skype, the company said it had new launches coming and this could be one of the most anticipated.

While Facebook is the stil the social monster, the company will need to expand on its desktop features, getting its popular games over to mobiles and tablets to keep user attention. Looking at deals, local offers and other content will also be high on the agenda as it tries to stay at the focus of user's attention in a growing world of niche social apps.