Where where you this time, last year? That and other questions can be solved a little easier thanks to Facebook's new Timeline feature which is now part of the upgraded iPhone app.

Looking Back to the Future

This time of year is when the nostalgia hits and you wonder exactly what you did over the course of the last 12 months. Dip one toe in the pool of nostalgia and its easy enough to go for a more distant wander in time, thanks to Facebook's Timeline feature.

Its a natural feature for the social media service, unveiled last week, and now available for iPhone users thanks to a weekend 4.1 update (Apple's app update service closes over Christmas, so expect a flurry of last minute updates over the next couple of days).

While many users work with Facebook to keep up to date, living in the now. It can also act a social historian of our lives, and needs to be accessed in a time-focused manner, rather than the easy to forget who/when/why of distant events. That's what Timeline offers in a nutshell and, while it benefits those who put their all into Facebook, everyone else can have a giggle with it too.

Time to Relax

The app also makes it easier to handle friends and contacts with new pop-up windows for these, rather than going to a whole new screen and adding excessive navigation. You may need to activate the timeline view on your desktop before you can see it on a phone. Once running you can nip back and forth in time to see photos, videos and events in chronological order.

Overall the app has been sped-up with faster viewing of photos. These features have also been incorporated in the recent Android update, and while it probably looks a lot better on the iPad, the phone version does a decent job of bringing your social history to the fore.