Google's (news, site) fledgling social service app shoots to the top of the iPhone chart while the web version can now scour your Outlook contacts for friends.

Be Social on the Phone

While Google+ is still an early-stage trial, if the service is ever going to gain traction, it has to get in the mobile space where the majority of social networking is now done. So, the iPhone app was inevitable, and even though there are fewer than 20 million users, it has shot to the top of the iTunes free apps list.

While there are reports that it's a bit buggy, and, in a brief test, it's not quite as polished as the web service -- which itself is pretty much a hollow shell, waiting to be filled -- the app helps users check their stream, join a huddle, view photos, edit their profile and add contacts to their circles on the go. In the battle with Facebook, it's a good start.

Google+ on iPhone covers the service's few features

Google+ on iPhone covers the service's few features

Back on the Desk

With Facebook blocking all attempts for users to emigrate their contacts, Google is going down other routes, with a new option to add contacts from your Outlook, Outlook Express and Apple address books.

This should help get some more friends in your circles, and Google will want to keep the momentum going as the initial buzz about Google+ starts to fade away. Signups are dropping to below a million a day, which is still impressive for just an experiment, but Google will need to keep the wheels rolling to attract new users and to start adding features to keep everyone engaged.