You wouldn't think that Apple has the time, what with creating mini iPads, HDTVs and other works of design genius in its secret labs. But, somehow, it has apparently managed to build enough iPhone 5s to make an announcement in early August. 

Another iPhone Drama

The Apple rumor mill has been spinning at power-generating speeds over the weekend. The latest word on the ever-vague release date for Apple's next hardware comes with widespread murmurings of an announcement for the iPhone 5 coming on 7 August, with the product shipping shortly after.

That's instead of the expected September or October (a year after the 4S arrived) date. That sounds out of step as Apple likes to launch around anniversaries, but the company is very busy with multiple new products on the way. You can blame Know Your Mobile (the source of this news) if nothing staggering happens on that day. 

The device's maker Foxconn is already saying that the launch will put Samsung's Galaxy SIII launch to shame. We all know the drill with this kind of gossip, but if you've missed out, here's the basics on what to expect from Apple's design wizards. Certainly it will need to create a style-buzz because the makers are running out of space and power to put extra technical features inside. 

Learning Opportunities

iPad Mini A Cert? Apple TVs going Retina? 

The New York Times seems keen to get in among the tittle tattle with the most concrete authority yet (outside of an official release) citing several people "familiar with the situation" that the shrunk-down tablet is definitely coming. A smaller iPad is already in production too (apparently) and will go head to head with Google's Nexus 7 which is shipping now, so Apple really needs to get a move on, not that too many Apple devotees will be thinking of switching. 

All of which has left the new-elephant-in-the-room HDTV set out in the cold for a while. Stories are now starting to appear that Apple's monster sets will adopt the Retina-display class standard found in new iPhones and iPads, will that be enough to get home consumers to invest. With Apple likely needing a breather after all its iPad/IPhone exertions, a 2013 seems the likely date for that battle to be fought.