Word on the street is the humble app, which turned the cell phone into an all-purpose Super Smart Phone device, is getting close to the 1 million milestone. That includes everything from mobile games like Angry Bird and Civilization to retail banking links like Chase and Bank of America, to full-blown enterprise apps.  Mobile analytics firm Mobilewala said Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile 7 combined have collectively hit almost 992,000 and are due to hit the 1 million mark sometime next week. And the growth is just getting started -- the group said that number more than doubled this year with only 484,000 apps developed by the end of 2010.

Here's the Breakdown

According to the Mobilewalla research:

  • Apple iOS -- 591,428 apps, or 59.6%
  • Android -- 321,020 apps, or 32.3%
  • BlackBerry -- 43,544 apps, good for 4.4%
  • Win Phone 7 -- 35,248 apps or 3.5%

The top app categories across all platforms are Entertainment (16.68%), Games (13.36%), Lifestyle (8.02%) and Utilities (7.13%).


Source: Mobilewalla.com

Beyond the One Million Milestone

But truth be told, we've already passed the one million mark with just iOS and Android apps alone, according to Ryan Kim at GigaOm, who looks at the total number of developed apps, which counts the ones pulled over the course of time. Putting things in perspective, the app phenomenon is quite young (starting in 2008), and the milestone is a good reminder of just how far we have come in that short span of time. 

The company also reported Apple’s developers are adding about 1,000 new apps a day while Android developers are uploading about 1,400 a day. One interesting point is that many developers port popular apps over from one platform to the other. It would be interesting to learn just how many of these are unique apps rather than simply the same app running on a different OS.

For its part, Mobilewalla is a web platform that provides a "...deep search engine and breakthrough technology to help consumers, advertisers and developers navigate the mobile application marketplaces, with real time rating and ranking system for every category of mobile app available on Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7," the company said. It also offers a rating system targeting developers.