Mobile Connection Management is the Mobile Experience

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We talk a lot of the mobile enterprise, mobile customer engagement and all the different ways the mobile platform enables us all to stay connected. To do so effectively not only requires an effective strategy; it also requires a way to manage all the data stored, shared and downloaded.

The Pursuit of a Seamless Internet Experience

When you talk about the next generation of mobile broadband and network solutions, what companies come to mind? Greenpacket?

If you’re unfamiliar with the mobile connection management company, you may want to get introduced. Greenpacket, which is the third largest WiMax operator (behind Motorola & Samsung, respectively) is hard at work enhancing its software solutions to deliver a seamless experience across LTE devices and protocols. What does that mean for customers and mobile engagement? It means a seamless Internet experience regardless of the network with which they are being served.

Recently we spoke with Kelvin Lee, Senior General Manager at Greenpacket, about how mobile connection management is helping to enable mobile customer engagement.

Mobile Devices, Data, Delivery

It’s no secret that mobile devices are more popular, affordable and accessible than ever. As well, the amount of mobile data is increasing exponentially, thanks to the consumerization of the web, video and technology in general. As a result, mobile carriers are struggling to provide the bandwidth needed and the means to manage the data accordingly. Ultimately, operators are seeking new networks to help them meet new demands.

WiMAX/LTE Solutions

Luckily for them, Greenpacket has started trial-testing with existing customers for its Intouch Connection Management Platform (ICMP), and preparing to launch its LTE-ready software by the end of 2011. With LTE, mobile data can be delivered at rapid speeds so that end users can enjoy fast downloads, crisp and clear VoIP audio and smooth video streaming no matter where they are.

Learning Opportunities

Additionally, Greenpacket, Packet One (P1) and Sequans have partnered to develop LTE, including dual-mode 4G WiMAX/LTE solutions for Greenpacket's global operator customers.

Mobile Consumption + LTE Development = Seamless Experience

While such development is driven by the increased engagement and consumption of mobile users, it’s proven to be a reciprocal relationship. LTE development, be it across devices, networks and applications, Lee says, has been aided by examining 4G user behavior patterns. They expect a seamless experience, which means they expect for their network to expand and contrast as needed.

To do so, Greenpacket recently enhanced its ICMP to comply with the 3GPP-defined standard for networking connectivity function. Translation: Mobile operators can offload subscribers from congested cellular networks to WiFi networks using intelligent switching rules based on the operators' network management policies and controls. Outcome: A user’s access won’t be slowed down no matter where they go, from Starbucks to Times Square to home again. 

How it Works: Mobile Engagement, Experience, Connection

Regardless of how connected you are to the comings and goings of the telecommunications industry, if you’re implementing mobile engagement strategies, mobile connection management is relevant. Neither technology nor the Internet is magic; therefore it’s essential that everyone involved in making the mobile enterprise a more productive place understand what it takes to make it work effectively.

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