According to a recent survey, mobile customer experience is shifting the priorities of e-Business and customer service professionals.

Making Mobile CXM a Priority

Though hardly representative of the entire industry, OpinionLab and Tealeaf surveyed more than 120 attendees of Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum and found

  • 84% feel that putting a mobile customer experience strategy in place is just as or more important than customer experience for fixed websites.
  • 87%  of participants believe that online customer experience management is more important now than ever before.
  • 50% view their online customer experience management strategy as a top priority.

Whether this means this increased focus on mobile customer experience will drive tactical and strategic changes within the enterprise is left to be determined, but the survey did reveal that half of the survey participants are already actively engaged in this discipline -- implementing, executing or measuring a comprehensive online customer experience strategy. The other half report they are still in the planning and adoption phases.

Learning Opportunities

Understanding vs. Solving the Problem

There’s no denying that the adoption of mobile devices into consumer culture has exploded.As such, companies need to optimize the customer experience so that all users can engage with them regardless of the platform, devices or application.Yet, we know all too well that understanding customer behavior is just the first step. It needs to be promptly followed up with a strategic implementation strategy that not only executes ways to engage but ways to monitor consumer feedback and consumer activity so that strategies and goals can evolve effectively.

Companies are not behooved to develop and facilitate mobile customer engagement strategies because they should be doing it anyway (no matter the platform), but because they want to increase customer satisfaction and attract new customers and that's where there customers seem to be these days.