Skype App Finally Making its Way to Windows Phones

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It seems odd that Microsoft has the hottest smartphone of the moment but doesn't have a Skype app for it, despite having paid billions for the company. That will change, "soon," as the Windows Phone bandwagon starts to really roll.

A Skype A Day

The popular voice-over-IP, cum chat and messaging service appeared on most mobile platforms over the last year, but notably isn't on its hometown Windows Phone platform. That's an issue that Skype says it will fix soon. Microsoft's vice president of the Skype division, Rick Osterloh, said at CES that it is “working on a Windows Phone product that will be coming out soon" according to the Daily Telegraph.

While iOS and Android users can Skype to their heart's content, the developers are presumably taking their time to produce a tour de force app that blends perfectly into Windows Phone's unique interface and unified communications way of working.


Learning Opportunities

Voice of the Market

Microsoft purchased Skype for US$ 8.5 billion last year and will be looking to make money back on the deal by getting users to sign up to premium services alongside the app's basic free collaboration and connectivity features. Microsoft showed off a raft of new Windows Phones at CES including the Nokia Lumia 900 (above) and seems to be building decent momentum for the platform.

With Windows 8 tablets on the way in summer to widen the consumer Microsoft offering, and its Metro interface appearing on Xbox consoles, an attractive ecosystem that looks different to iOS and Android should be a big seller.

However, both Apple (with iPad 3 and iPhone 5 on the way) and Google have some time to refine their platforms to differentiate themselves. For Skype users, the wait goes on a little longer if they've invested in a Windows Phone, but it won't be long until that circle is complete.