Start-up The Social Radio is offering an Android app (with iOS and BlackBerry to follow) that reads out your choice of tweet streams between your own music to make it easier to follow what's going on when you can't read them directly. 

Tweeting Takes On the Airwaves

Following a tweet stream can be problematic in many places. Driving is the obvious example, but what if you could have tweets read out to you, perhaps about a specific topic, or event, so you don't get inundated with tweet poop?

Even better, intersperse those tweets between your favorite playlists and you have a perfect balance of background noise and useful messaging. Naturally, the app will require some kind of Internet connection, but even a feeble 3G signal should be enough to push a few tweets your way.


Combine tweets and music to stay in touch whatever you're doing

A Promising App

The Social Radio does just that with its new (and currently free) app for Android, with an iOS one not far behind. When it's better established, it's not hard to imagine the service throwing in the odd advert to make ends meet with ad support, but if it works well enough, The Social Radio could be on to a winner in any form.

It could help users follow a sports event when people can't be seen looking at their screen,  monitor what people are saying about a product or company, but with some tunes to lighten the task and it'll make it easier to foll breaking news, without being tied to the drone and repetition of an endless talk radio station.