Twitter (news, site) has announced a major update to its mobile Twitter sites for iPhone and mobiles, with a slow rollout planned to users, while the Mac version gets a bit of boost too.

Full Tweet Ahead

Twitter's mobile sites have lagged some way behind its device-specific applications, perhaps caught up in the app market frenzy. But, now they are catching up fast, thanks to the implementation of some slick HTML 5 and not-too-subtle borrowing from those apps.

The new site makes it easier to move between different views, covering your main feed, messages and mentions, plus search isn't now buried at the bottom of the page. Looking more like the apps, they also work more like them, removing some of the tinier icons from the old version. 



Old vs new: Twitter's browser app gets a facelift

The app also makes use of device functions such as touch gestures to help speed browsing and updating. It is also supposed to be faster than its predecessor, but we'll have to wait until the update hits us to test that out.

Mac Gets an Update Too

Twitter for Mac has also been given an upgrade with the first major refresh of the Apple desktop version. It now offers multiple timelines that can be viewed at the same time and multiple instances of the app can be running. It has been given a bit of a speed boost, too, and navigation has also been improved, with easier-to-follow conversations and the major benefit of auto-complete for usernames and hashtags.