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Nuxeo founder Stefane Fermigier talked all things ECM and mobile at today’s day #1 of Nuxeo World, discussing innovative content apps for mobile devices being built by Nuxeo (news, site).

Even though Gartner says mobile is one of the next big things for 2011, “the analysts are not always good at predicting the future, but sometimes good at predicting the past,” kicked off the talk Fermigier. While Gartner says enterprise apps will need to be designed for the tablet, but delivering these apps gets complicated due to the wide selection of platforms.

As the PC era zooms by, it’s time to concentrate on mobility. Nuxeo’s Stefane Fermigier and Benjamin Jalon did just that highlighting some of the mobile projects currently in the works at the company.

Mobile Challenges

  • Limited real estate
  • No keyboard or mouse
  • Limited network availability

Yet there are so many mobile platforms to choose from. In addition, Fermigier gave examples of new opportunities like:

  • Zosh
  • Geolocation
  • Camera
  • Other sensors

, while also recommending to embrace these constraints and come up with well-defined but pre- platform UI guidelines and utilize new standards like HTML5.

Looking at the tech landscape of the mobile world, there’s always at least one question: mobile apps or mobile web?

Web apps can be multiplatform, if your vendor supports HTML5. There’s also easy deployment, but the UI will not feel or look “native.”

Native apps can be optimized for a single platform, but may require product-specific training and possibly longer development times. You can try to make money on the AppStore, but need platform-specific training.

But there are options on both web apps and native app sides:

  • Use pure HTML for classical web apps made of pages with some CSS tweaks -- good enough for mobile sites.
  • Enhanced HTML that would usually go on top of jQuery with AJAX requests

One-page web apps that can be built using the SOFEA (Service-Oriented Front-End Architecture) paradigm, here web assets are only loaded once, after which all interaction with a server takes place via web services (JSON, for example)

Open source project PhoneGap can be used as well if you want to embed your web app into a custom-built web browser. Appcelerator is another open source project two platforms: iOS and Android.

With native apps, you can develop using the native APIs from your Enterprise CMS vendor, but you have to know what you’re doing.

All “interesting” mobile parts of Nuxeo mobile adventures will be available as an add-on to Nuxeo DM around December on Nuxeo Marketplace.