Yahoo Offering Mobile App Search from Desktop, Smartphone

Yahoo (news, site) is looking for new ways to escape the tailslide of desktop search, and is now focusing on finding apps for you

Your Yahoo Genius?

If Apple's Genius listings on the App Store don't hit the spot for you, there have been other ways (via apps or review sites) to find new apps based on what you use and install on your mobile. Yahoo is joining in the fun with its new AppSpot for iPhone and Android, which helps figure out what you might like or give the lowdown on what's new and cool.

With hundreds of thousands of apps for both the iPhone and Android platform, this problem is only going to get bigger, so the more curation points there are, the better. Will Yahoo's free app improve the situation? A desktop version uses your big screen's real estate to offer more information and has QR barcodes for getting something you like to your phone faster.

Find new apps with your Yahoo friend

Find new apps with your Yahoo friend

Searching High, Low

Early reports and reviews suggest the service's results are pretty much on a par with Genius, turning up a mix of gems and oddities among the usual suspects in its results. There are the usual categories in the desktop version with education, social, games and books. 

Users can divide searches between free and paid-for titles. In fact, it's hard to spot anything new that this app does. For the moment, this appears to be a U.S.-only service but should roll out around other territories soon enough.