Yahoo! (news, site) pushes its presence in the mobile space with apps for everyone's favorite smartphones.

Apps for Android

Perhaps Yahoo! has finally realized a lot of its data is coming from and going to mobiles these days. Certainly, there has been a rush of activity from the firm, to keep its mobile-centric users happy and engaged. For a start there are new Messenger and Mail apps for Android, so that Yahoo! users can keep all their friends, messages and contact easily to hand (see what some excitable and eager Yahoo!-ites have to say about it).


Both apps support push mode, so you can leave them running in the background. There's also a handy button to switch between either app should you be adept at multi-mode messaging. The Messenger app can also be used to send SMS messages (in some regions), saving you going back to the phone's default SMS app.

Also, in case you don't have enough search options, there's the new Yahoo Search Widget that offers voice input or typed search. This widget is only currently available in the U.S., but will roll out to further regions shortly.


Add another search option to your Android

The apps are optimized for the three hero Android devices, that is the Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible, and Google Nexus One but will work on phones running on Android OS 2.0 and above.

Yahoo! Goes HTML 5

To improve support for Yahoo! users on Apple's iPhone without going the App Store route, Yahoo! has come up with a set of HTML 5 compatible sites that aims to support its 300 million-plus users. Faster and smarter than its predecessor, it uses local caching so that mail is available, even when offline. There is also media preview in the inbox and the ability to view them both images and video in full screen.


Get your Yahoo! e-mail on your iPhone's Safari browser

You can find the iPhone site here. Just log in and watch your mail come flooding in to its new home. While these sites and apps just keep Yahoo! up with the pack, they should prove highly beneficial to the existing user base, and with a little marketing push a way to attract new users to Yahoo!'s services.