Outerthought has just released version 2.1 of its darling Daisy, an open source CMS that acts as a sound content repository with an editing and publishing front end. Here's an odd thought: there aren't any particularly cute content management systems out there. Daisy really threw us off in this regard. But hey, cute packs punch - just ask the PowerPuff Girls. Daisy is apparently no exception.Built on a Javascript/Cocoon-based framework, Daisy consists of a standalone repository, accessible via HTTP/XML (in ReST style) or an advanced Java API; and a web-based editing and publishing application. New features include: * a Spring-based runtime container. This is for the document repository; it makes third-party component development a little easier * document variable support for managing content in a given set of parameters * a WYSIWYG document version diffing tool. This is HTML-based and was apparently developed in conjunction with Google's Summer of Code...? * a document pre-save interaction hook for controlled authoring environments (it helps with eSignature support) * Query language and publishing environment improvements Daisy also supports jBPM-based workflow and is now equipped with content migration tools. And don't let the "v2.1" fool you. Daisy was first released in late 2004, and this version is the fruit of a previous 10+ releases. Read more about Daisy or check out her online demo.