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Jumping channel from FR to UK open source Enterprise CMS vendor Nuxeo has opened its latest foreign office in London. The company aims to capitalize on the oh so rosy UK ECM market and the large number of energy and financial services companies in the UK, as well as gain some international footing as it pushes further.Nuxeo, which calls itself "the global leader in open source enterprise content management," looks to build on previous successes (covered here, here and here) and expand beyond it's traditional markets of Africa, Romania and with corp headquarters in Paris, of course France. Nuxeo champions an open source business model, choosing to keep their working repository wide open and release their enterprise content management platform under the Free Software Foundation's LGPL license, the same one chosen by their close partner JBoss. The company generates revenue as one might expect, via a mix of paid for consulting services and customer support. As Professional Open Source vendors do, Nuxeo is betting that customers would rather spend their money on the customization, integration and maintenance of an open product with a vibrant developer community, as opposed to spending loads of cash just to get a closed product in house. So its London today and perhaps further west tomorrow. According to Nuxeo's CEO, Stefane Fermigier, "The UK market is the first major step forward in taking Nuxeo onto the global stage." Eric Baroca, VP of Operations for Nuxeo and the man who'll manage the UK show, added to this saying, "Thanks to its thriving financial services and energy sectors, the UK holds significant opportunity for Nuxeo. These document-intensive industries, which are comprised of large enterprises that need to comply with industry regulations, are ideal 'sweet spots' for Nuxeo." Nuxeo's Enterprise CMS platform, available as a packaged download or via Subversion source control access, is a fully featured ECM solution which has no trial period or special licensing agreement that unlocks advanced functionality. Nuxeo's primary open source competitor, Alfresco -- who also refer to themselves as "the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management" -- make both their Enterprise Network and their Community Network versions freely available under GPL, but do not provide patches or any support unless customers fork out US $10 000 per CPU for support fees (list price). Although Nuxeo's founders may not have the enterprise content management pedigree of Alfresco's nor the handy work of a powerful PR machine, their commitment to the open source community and to delivering a high quality product have gained them respect and made them a company to watch in the ECM market. If Nuxeo has the kind of success it anticipates by expanding their UK operations, then it will surely not be long before they take the next, if larger stride across the water and bring their products and services to the United States. While the Alfresco/Nuxeo competition theme maybe somewhat over played -- Nuxeo really focuses more on the pure ECM play whereas Alfresco covers both ECM and, as of v2.0, Web CM -- there is clearly a significant piece of the EMEA market both groups share an interest in. Nuxeo released Nuxeo Core 1.0 back in October of 2006. The release was the first of their embeddable content services core software and the foundation of the Nuxeo 5 Enterprise CMS platform. Alfresco released their 2.0 version in February, the first version to include their new Web CMS capabilities. Nuxeo, headquartered in Paris, France, was founded in December 2000 and has operations in the UK, Romania and West Africa. Read more about Nuxeo or about Alfresco here on CMSWire.