Nowadays, if you don't have a search function on your site, you're pretty much living in the dark ages. In fact, if you don't have search functionality, why do you even have a website, man? What are you thinking?

Anyway. Just like the story goes with all things standard, it was only a matter of time before they started tinkering around with the way we dig through sites. Introducing, a visual search engine specifically for YouTube videos.

A Site With Your Sights in Mind

Calling all right-brain thinkers! Brought to you by Wibeset, is a site that allows you to perform YouTube searches with return results based on relevance, views, rating, or publish date -- all in the form of a thumbnail mosaic.

wibe7 screenshot.jpg Search Results View

OK, so it's not that visually inspiring. But then again, what can you expect from a search on the word salad?

Still, it can't hold a flame to similar services like the eBay search tool picClick and its amazing, adjustable thumbnails, or the visually stunning, browser-less 3D and comprehensive thumbnail environment provided by Cooliris, or even its inspiration -- Compfight

So, What Can It Do, Then?

Sometimes a no-frills service is great. In this case, we appreciate for its brazen simplicity. Rather than click through tons of obtrusive columns and blocks of text, this search engine provides you with the YouTube results you're looking for in a quick and easy fashion and without a visit to YouTube. 

There's no need for thumbnail resizing or an endless scrollable hallway here. delivers what you're looking for without slowing down your computer for the sake of aesthetics, and you are free to peruse a galaxy of thumbnails without worrying that you're going to stumble upon an annoying duplicate video or get distracted by which videos are related to the user you're viewing. 

Also, for more information on the videos, simply scroll over a thumbnail and you get the title, the description, and the playback time. It's that easy. Check it out on