The social business discussion is pretty much table stakes today, yet we still see organizations struggling with either the technology, adoption or some combination of both. Join us on December 19th, we'll be hosting a Google Hangout roundtable to discuss the challenge ahead in 2013 as organizations struggle to evolve into social businesses.

The True Challenge for Social Business

Deb Lavoy wrote the article "2013 Prediction: Social Business Tech will Stop Blaming Culture for Failure," making a few interesting points about the real challenges for organizations that are working towards becoming more social. It got us to thinking, is she right? Have we been so focused on one aspect of social business that we haven't recognized there's more to this problem?

CMSWire invites you to join us Wednesday, December 19th at 8 am PST/ 11 am EST/ 1600 GMT for our inaugural Google Hangout where we'll take this discussion a bit deeper.

We've invited three industry experts to join our roundtable discussion. They include:

  • Deb Lavoy, Director Product Marketing for Social Media at OpenText
  • Stephen Fishman, Director of Application Architecture and Engineering for a prominent .com
  • Rich Blank, Solutions Engineer, NewsGator Technology

The Social Business Roundtable

We've only reserved a half hour for this conversation, but we know it will be packed with interesting thoughts and opinions. Some of the questions we'll be asking our panel:

  1. In the last couple of years, the main challenges that have surrounded social business today have focused on culture. But Deb, in her article, points to a technology gap that may be an even more important challenge. Which one is causing us more problems today? And is one driving the other?
  2. We talk about being more social like it’s something we don’t do already. But the water cooler has been around forever. Is this really a discussion of social? Or are we simply struggling to find the right words to describe what we are trying to achieve?
  3. Is the problem with the technology a design challenge or is it something broader -- that is, is the technology itself being driven by goals that are not related to social business?
  4. By pointing at technology and culture as culprits are we missing the bigger picture? Is lack of progress a sign that “social business” is not the answer? Or is the real problem the lack of agreement/understanding of what a social business is?

How to Join

To join, click on the CMSWire Google+ Event page for the hangout. Anyone can listen in and the event will be recorded and posted on YouTube for those who can't make it. 

Mark your calendars, get your Google+ up and running and take a little time to talk social business with Deb, Stephen and Rich. We look forward to seeing you there.