Forrester Sees Growth in Enterprise Video

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Citing an uptick in client interest in the deployment of enterprise video platforms, Forrester Research recently published a report titled The Immediate Future Of Enterprise Video, which both substantiates recent growth in this area and offers some predictions about where the market is going.

From Engaging Customer to Engaging Employees

Forrester believes the tremendous growth in online video to “engage and inform customers” has paved the way for the next phase of the corporate video revolution -- engaging and informing employees. Forrester’s survey data bears this out, revealing a significant jump from 2010 to 2013 in the percentage of firms planning to deploy internally-focused enterprise video.

internal communications video growth

According to the report, companies in the forefront of the enterprise video push are doing more than simply posting a few training videos to their intranet. Leaders in this area are also establishing platforms for live video distribution, videoconferencing integration and access on smartphones and tablets.

Learning Opportunities

6 Keys to Enterprise Video Success

But Forrester also implies that the majority of organizations need to up their game when it comes to enterprise video deployments and offers six ways leading adopters can improve the employee engagement experience by making the medium:

  1. Easier to consume with search and analytics -- ensuring video assets don’t languish unwatched because they can’t be found.
  2. Easier to consume with shorter clips -- because we all know how excited we are to watch hour-long training videos.
  3. More relevant with targeted, tailored content -- so employees see only those video assets that matter to them.
  4. More engaging with interactive content -- because engagement goes up when employees can choose some elements of their own adventure.
  5. As mutable as documents -- so organizations can annotate and time stamp specific portions of a given video.
  6. More analyzable with better dashboards -- because knowing the what, where and why behind trending videos helps organizations refine their video publishing strategies.

To encourage a realistic approach to making the above improvements possible, Forrester closes its report with some practical advice: organizations serious about developing an engaging enterprise video platform will need to hire or develop video staff and expertise. In other words, world-class video initiatives won’t spontaneously materialize out of thin air. Whether outsourcing, hiring or training existing staff, obtaining the skills needed to develop a high-quality video program will require dedication and investment.

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