Perhaps aware that IT managers and executives are switching to tablets for their information needs, Gartner has launched its own free iPad app. Gartner Insight offers personalized online and offline access to the company's services and reports for clients. 

Analysis on the Go

Gartner clients have access to a huge amount of research and information through the company's website. That data is now available through a dedicated iPad app (not iPhone) to make it easier for busy clients to keep up with published data, relevant to their field. 

Judging by the screenshots, it also refines Gartner's text-heavy presentation, putting the key pieces of information up front. I guess the full reports are still there to be read, but executives can wave around the highlights on their iPads in meetings and seem all the more knowledgeable. You can find the app on iTunes or here


With reports available online or off, research can be read anywhere (via a personal library) and the app synchronizes with a client's My Gartner page to bring them the latest reports and news. It also links to Gartner's Peer Connect online community and other services. 

Battle of the Apps? 

There doesn't appear to be an Android equivalent, but with Apple enjoying record iPad sales and enterprise's preference for iOS devices, that's perhaps not a surprise. We wonder which will next, a Windows 8 app or an Android one? 

Both Forrester and Gartner already have events apps available to help visitors navigate their big corporate gatherings, while IDC has some limited-focus iPad apps. So, Gartner appears to be the first company to have put everything up in one app. Expect their rivals to follow soon.