Google+ seems to be having something of a growth spurt as it gets new features and links from across the Google ecosystem.

Encompassing the Googleplex

Google still has a long way to go to bring all of the elements of its massive digital realm under the scope of its fledgling social media effort, Google+. But, slowly and surely it's making a start. The latest effort is the addition of a neat YouTube icon at the top right of your Google+ page.


Search for anything you fancy and get a pop-up window showing a list of the latest content in playlist form. Find a video you like and you can share with one click back to your Google+ friends, with a comment if you like. It's all smooth and elegant, you can leave the pop-up window playing your playlist as long as you fancy or search for something new.

A Chrome Effect

Of course, Google would rather you used its own browser for the task, and has added a couple of extensions to improve integration. It has added a +1 button so you can +1 any webpage with one click and share it with friends in your circles.

A Notifications button allows you to check your Google+ notifications while you browse the web, so you can see who's been in touch. Click on it and you see any new or recent notifications with another link to view your regular notifications page, if there's lots going on.


Sure, these are small steps, but they all help and Chrome users won't have to keep a tab open dedicated to Google+ now. But now that the initial excitement is over, Google really needs to add features that will attract new users and not just keep the existing ones engaged.