The much-anticipated refresh of Google's Gmail service is live for all, with one click taking users to a more spacious, refined email experience.

White Space is Free

After a few weeks of mild excitement and rumor, anyone should now be able to click the "Switch to the new look" button at the bottom right of your Gmail web page. That opens up a neater, better-defined looking page and a range of new customization options.

It looks similar to the recent Blogger update and suggests that other Google services will soon look the same way for a consistent view, and easier interoperability between them. Let us know what you like or hate about the new interface.


The new Gmail interface is clean and crisp

Get Used to It

The switching menu does mention that users will automatically be upgraded in the near future, so if you're not a fan, I'd start getting used to it. If you do like the look overall, but think there's too much white space, then go to the options menu and choose from "Cozy" or "Compact" to tighten up the space between messages.

Learning Opportunities


The look is changed via the options menu

With the launch of a new Gmail iPhone app imminent, the new paint job includes resizable subject and chat areas on the left, and improved search functions to find the right message among the endless archives that most of us now have.


The new search is easier to use

For those who want a more customized page, the themes have been updated with hi-res images to look better on today's bigger desktops with HD themes ranging from turf to trees, oceans to planets and a range of pastel shades.

Other than that, it's Gmail as usual. The general mail selection and action menus have been tightened up and, after a few minutes, you won't really notice the changes at all, but will spend slightly less time looking for things.